The Zone


9/26/2011 6:18 PM

Everey Friday we have the Freaky Clip of the Week and every Friday during the football season we have our buddy Chris from The Rib Crib bring in some food and give our Bold Rib Crib picks of the week.  Chris didn't disappoint this week, he came thu big time.

And freaky Joe Franlikn didn't disappoint either with his Freaky Clip's of The Week.  You can check all of them out online on The Zone page at

Thanks to Chris Bahn from  Chris gave us his final assessments of the ARk-Bama game before they battled it out.  Check out his daily updates on the site.


We got a late week visit by Clint Stoerner.  He always sounds a lot more excited on Friday than he does on Monday.

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