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9/28/2011 4:20 PM

We got a visit in studio from one of the most interesting and successful Arkansans you might have never heard of, John Rogers.  If you have heard of John it was probably because of the $1.62 million purchase he made for a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner baseball card.  He's been buying and selling baseball cards for years and has recently moved into the business of buying photo archives from newspapers.  He owns millions of iconic images you'd easily recognize.  Take a listen to the interview.  He also has a picture of Joe Dimaggio in all his glory in the Yankees shower....he must have had a good game that day.

John Rogers

john's also hosting a fundraiser for North Little Rock High School West Campus, the 2nd Annual Soiree at Snake Hill.  Find out all about the event and buy your tix at

Thanks to Chris Bahn from for his bi-weekly visit into The Zone.  He's the man on the scene, our eyes and ears up on the Hill.  Make sure to check out his stuff daily, he knows more about you than you do.

 The man cleans up well

MTV's Buzzworthy blogger, Tamar Anatai, joined us today to give us the haps on all entertainment.  The woman has her finger on the pulse from coast to coast.  We talked Rihanna and something called the O Awards.  I'll let her explain.... 

Tamar Anitai She's small but strong

We tracked down Ross Bernstein, author of "Raising Lombardi".  He interviewed football players who had to fit one criteria, SuperBowl Champion.  Hence, raising Lombardi.  So sorry to disappoint this isn't a story of how Vince's parents raised him, it's better.

Ross Bernstein

Here's a little treat for you Phil Mickelson fans out there, check out this video.

 How rrrrrrr u

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