The Zone


10/4/2011 6:01 PM

For all the FOZ's that made it out to Grumpy's Too last night thanks for stopping in. grabbing a bucket or favorite cocktail, some of those spicy 25 cent wings and another great MNF game.

Grumpy's Too

We continued our Rock, Paper, Scizz-Off at Grumpy's Too this Monday.  Each week we have a winner who will then compete in the final tourney for the chance to win $103.70.  So get on down to start signups at 7 pm.


Jim Harris from joined us in The Zone for his weekly seg.  He talked about Texas A & M and their lack of any real adjustments against the Hogs over the weekend.  You can check out all sports updates from around the state on the websites daily.

 Here's the big guy breaking it down.

Our old friend Jeff McClure, and by old I mean we've known him awhile, not the saggy skin kind and gray here, stopped into the studio to talk about his fundraiser with the Hat Club.  They're having an all day Wiffle Ball tourney 10/29 at Dickey Stephens in NLR.  Find out more info how to play at

Our Average Guy Movie Review was delivered by Jordan Bone of Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  He gave the rundown of the movie "Drive".  He gave it 3.5 bananas in his first ever review.  Nicely done my man.

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