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10/5/2011 9:35 PM

We had a little MLB playoff talk to kick the show off.  Congrats to AJ Burnett for putting everyone at ease with a strong performance for the Yankees last night.  AJ has struggled at times this season but he was tough enough to bring his best when they needed it the most.

 Probably the heater

We had an early special guest, author Randy Roberts.  He's got 13 books and counting to his name.  He's written about everything from Mike Tyson, Boston sports, John Wayne and Jack Dempsey.  As you can see from his bio he's weel educated and enjoys what he does.  Take a listen and pick up one of his books.

Randy Roberts

Thanks to Chris Bahn from writer, tweeter, blogger and all around good guy for coming into the Zone yet again to set us straight on what's happening in the world of sports.  He's the guy that informs the guys that inform you.  If you wanna go straight to his stuff, I don't blame ya, he's a mad sports writing scientist.

 He's not as young as he looks, that's a compliment.

And the smallest, yet fiercest around, Tamar Anatai, jumped into the Zone for her weekly seg.  The editor of MTV's Buzzworthy Blog didn't disappoint this time either as she toggled between the best SuperBowl halftime shows and how lucky and filthy rich voice actors are.  She even reminded us of him

Check out Tamar and her thoughts

Tamar Anitai There's our girl

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