The Zone


10/12/2011 1:29 PM

Great day in The Zone but not so great day for South Carolina's Stephen Garcia and Steve Spurrier.  The Ole Ball Coach finally gave his knucklehead QB the boot from the team after he failed an alcohol test.  He had just lost the strarting position and probably went on a bender, although his father claims he just had a few beers.  No way bro, he must have hit it hard.  Hope it was worth it, because his football career is over.

Thanks to Chris Bahn of for his informative segment in the Zone.  Check out his daily updates on the website for all you Arkansas sports.  He covers it all.

 Break it down my man

Brent Birch of Greenhead Magazine called in to talk about this season's hunting.  Grab a magazine and stay connected with the state's hunting.

Brent Birch

Tanar Anatai, MTV's Buzzorthy blogger joined us again this week and gave us the scoop on Beyonce's not fake pregnancy and why Rihanna is the sexiest lady alive.  Just have a listen for yourself.

Tamar Anitai

The always entertaining Greg Koch took time out of his busy lawyer schedule to bash on Jay Cutler, Major League Baseball and Bud Selig and of course he had to throw in a jab at Lebron James.  Who hasn't lately?  The former Razorback and Packer will say whatever is on his mind and we're all better for it.

Greg Koch

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