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10/17/2011 1:06 PM

Most of the Jockstrap talk was directed at the Dallas Cowboys.  They lost to the Patriots in New England 20-16.  The loss wasn't a shock but it was the play calling in the last 2 series for the Cowboys that has everyone slingin dirty Jockstraps

Let's be honest, from the moment they landed in New England they were the underdog, but played great defense and just got beat by a Hall of Fame Qb at the end.  They showed that they can stop any offense in the league.  Only problem, gotta stop it when it counts but overall they played good enough to win.

Thanks to Clint Stoerner, our Monday Morning QB brought to you by NYPD Pizza and Ron Logan.

Clint talked about the BCS rankings, how impressive Wisconsin looks and why Okla State will beat Okla.

 Great poise big fella

Huge Gameball to Dewey Bozella for winning his pro debut at 52 yrs old.  He will retire but after having a life sentence overturned he's a top contender for the Honey Badger award.

Another Gameball to the MLB


Who ya got?

For those of you who didn't get a chance to hear Darrell Brown call into the Zone last Thursday, here's a listen to the whole interview.  Darrell is the first black Razorback football player who has a story you'll never forget.

Darrell Brown

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