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10/19/2011 1:50 PM

Today was exactly how we like it, fast and furious.  After a great win by Arkansas St over FIU last night on ESPN2 we knew our buddy Chris Bahn would be primed to talk up his Red Wolves so he joined us straight outta the chute to break it all down for us.  Although he wasn't too impressed with the crowd turnout he was with Ryan Aplin and ASU's defense.  He also gives us no need to worry about this week's Ole Miss game.  I'm sure I'll have a tougher time finding a place to tailgate then the Hogs will have with Ole Miss.  Checkout all of Bahn's insight and expertise at

Chris Bahn

I'm sure no one has let all this college football madness forget tonight is Game 1 of the World Series that has this state split.  Cards v Rangers.  Rob Neyer, Rob Neyer baseball editor for SB Nation, joined us in The Zone to talk about this series, the baseball wildcard changes we'll see next year and Albert Pujols.  I had to ask him about the Red Sox and their epic, disgraceful, once in a lifetime failure....ahhh feels good to have the old Red Sox back.  Breakin' hearts and squeezing out beer farts, that's the 2011 Red Sox.  Thanks fellas, I needed and excuse to complain about something.  On a lighter note it's great to see St. Louis and Texas battling it out in the Series.

In one of more entertaining interviews in The Zone, NFL QB Jordan Palmer joined us.  He talked about his brother, Carson, going to the Raiders with D-Mac and what his very strong opinion is on Chad Ochocinco.  Jordan was the backup to his brother Carson for a couple years for the Bengals so he's certainly qualified to give us the breakdown of his NFL favorites.  I also had to ask him about Lebron and what position he could play in the NFL, I'm sure his answer is no surprise to you, but take a listen and you never know.

Jordan Palmer

Our great MTV friend, Tamar Anatai, spit her weekly knowledge all over us as she often does on her MTV Buzzworthy Blog.  For everything entertaining, check her out.

 Tamar Anitai She's short, but strong

Here's a strange treat for you today, Bryant Gumbel of Real Sports on HBO has an odd take on David Stern and the NBA lockout.  I would have like to hear more of an explanation of his comments but he ain't answering my call.

 Nice beard dude

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