The Zone

Ken Duke Preps for U.S. Open

6/17/2009 2:42 PM

And he called the show today.  He actually played in his first major at this very course in 2002 and is looking forward to another run.  We also talked about the Celebrity Softball game which is at 5:30pm Saturday night at Dickey-Stephens Park.  Come on and watch some great athletes and guys like Justin and Pat run around and make errors in the heat and then stick around to watch the Travs pound Tulsa!  Hogs are on the Buzz tonight at 5:35 so check them out on the air as they try to stave off elimination at the CWS in Omaha.  Win-play LSU at 12:35 Friday.  Lose-go home for the off season...wah, wah, wah.  Here's hoping for a shortened Zone on Friday!  Also-Justin claims he is going to On the Rocks tonight to see the Rollin' Jack Dandies and The Red Suite.  We'll just see about that.  Pat will for sure be at Mexico Chiquito on HW 10 and On the Rocks Thursday night.

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