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10/25/2011 3:04 PM

All the talk was the World Series to kick off the show today.  The Cards left 9 runners in scoring position, not just left on base.  They also were a part of one of the strangest moments in recent World Series memory, Tony LaRussa put the wrong pitcher in.  Apparently, when he called to the bullpen they couldn't hear him with all the noise and sent out the wrong guy.  Never heard of that one.

Give all the credit to the Rangers, though.  They took care of business.

Thanks to Jim Harris of for his weekly visit into The Zone.  Jim stays a busy man with his daily updates on the site.  Today we talked, of course, about the weekend's Hogs' win over the Black Bear Rebels, the World Series and what he thought about college athletes possibly getting $2,000 per year in grant money.

  The Professor at work

Chris Kramolis of Tropical Smoothis cafe came by the studio to drop off some Pumpkin Smoothie's and wraps for the fellas.  He educated us with his "Average Guy Movie Review" of THE IDES OF MARCH, starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.  He gave it a pumpkin rating today in honor of Halloween of 3.

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