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10/27/2011 9:05 PM

Thanks to all the folks at Landers CDJ in Benton.  The captainof the ship, Rodney "Money Back" Plack, came on to chat abou their great deals and challenge me and Justin to a sell-off!  First one to refer 5 sales to CDJ will get to drive the new 2012 Charger.  It's a beast and if you help me win I'll come pick you up at your house and buy you lunch.  We were all disappointed that our favorite car dealership bball player, Kevin Wilson, decided to take a vacation day when we were there.  We get the hint, Kevin.

"Coach" Chris Bahn from called into the Zone to talk about the Vandy game this weekend.  He says no worries about that Vandy secondary.  But the BIG news is he will be coaching the Razorback basketball team in the annual RED-WHITE game this Sunday, 3 pm at Bud Walton Arena.  It's part of the Scribes (writers) vs Vibes (tv people) that Mike Anderson is bringing back.  Chris will coach the white team with longtime scribes Bob Holt and Nate Allen.  The red team will be coached by Aaron Peters and a couple other guys.  Certainly worth the trip if you can, from what I hear the teams are matched up for an epic battle.

 Looks like "Coach" is breaking down some film for the game

The very entertaining entertainment blogger from MTV, Tamar Anatai, joined us for her weekly dive into The Zone.  We swam around such topics as Beyonce, twitter and....ahhhhm...well just take a listen.

Tamar Anitai That's our funny girl

Big birthday day....our good buddy and SWNN producer RJ Hawk enjoyed another one, there's a 50/50 chance whether he'll live to tell about it, though.  C'mon, RJ, act like you been there before.  Happy Bday bro.

Also, it was my good ole Mom's Bday.  So, I did what any good son would do, I called her live on the air.  I think Justin and the Freak enjoy it the most, I talk her a couple times a week.  For a good laugh of how she said she'll help Justin live a fuller life take a listen...

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