The Zone


10/31/2011 7:36 PM

Lotta movement in college football over the weekend.  Hogs won a close one at Vandy, their kicker missed a chip shot as time ran out.  Hate to see anyone crumble under the pressure that way.  I'd rather see my team go out and win as opposed to having some poor kicker shank it in fromt of his home crowd.

Huge Gameball to the St. Louis Cards for an amazing run to get in the playoffs and then taking care of business the hard way to win the Fall Classic.

 Congrats to the many Cards fans out there.  Great run.  Unfortunately, you lost your manager Tony LaRussa to retirement.  There's some speculation that some of his questionable calls throughout the series led to him calling it quits but forget all that, he's won 3 World Series, he can go out any way he wants.

 Congrats to his daughter, too.

 She's a Raiderette.

Our buddy Clint Stoerner stopped by the studio for his monday Morning QB segment sponsored by NYPD Pizza.  Clint was all worked up today.  His main point about the defense needing to play and aggressive man instead of a zone made me a believer.  Too much decision making goes into a zone and this doesn't play into the Hog's defense's strength.  He also strongly believes the Razorbacks would beat Oklahoma right now.....yeah that's right....right now.

 Spin that thing Stoerner

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