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11/1/2011 10:06 PM

We still had more talk on Wade's hit on the vandy punt returner that got him booted from the game.  He says he thought he had the ball and I believe him but that didn't stop the SEC from suspending him from the South carolina game Saturday.

UALR Head Coach Steve Shields joined us on the phone to talk the start of the bball season and the Meet The Trojans event at the Jack Stephens center tonight.  Coach talked about the 9 new players on this year's squad, yeah that's right, 9 new guys.  he said he likes how they've been gelling and getting close on and off the court.

Steve Shields

Thanks to Jim harris from for joining us for his weekly visit into The Zone.  Jim talked about the game from over the weekend and what to expect from South carolina this Saturday.  Check out all the award winning articles on the site.

Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe dropped in with his Average Guy Movie Review of "Take Shelter".  He also brought some Pumpkin Smoothies and pesto wraps.  He gave the movie 4 bananas, although I don't know if that was the meds talking.

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