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11/9/2011 1:53 PM

Of course our discussion to start the show began with Penn St. and Joe Pa.  we tried to list where this sex scandal ranked in terms of off-field horrific incidents.  Others that came to mind were the Mike Vick dog fighting ring, the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, '72 Munich Olympics.  All horrible.  By all accounts, most everyone feels paterno did too little too late.  It's insane to think he heard of an incident, even if he didn't have details, that something horrible may have gone on in his team's showers.  C'mon, you're the leader of that place since the Civil War and you don't want answers of what in the hell happened.  What we do know is Jerry Sandusky is one of the grossest humans on the face of the earth.

 This is Jerry Sandusky

We had Chris Bahn from in The Zone to talk Hog hoops and the upcoming Tennessee game.  No one is too concerned with the Vols and we're not being cocky or overlooking them.  They have a 3rd string QB and a 3rd string kicker they pulled from a frat house minutes before they're last game.  Doesn't give tons of confidence, plus they're a 14 point dog.

 Break it down Bahn

Thanks to MTV's Buzzworthy Blogger Tamar Anatai for making her weekly dip into The Zone.  What she lacks in height she makes up for in twitter posts.  She's the self professed queen.  All I know is I got extremely uncomfortable talking about Justin Bieber's auctioning off of his pet snake boa contrictor named Johnson.  Bieber's doing it all.

Tamar Anitai  I think she's standing.

Lastly, a memo to the SWNN.  The oft used quote by Roger Scott is "Stay golden Pony Boy", which he thinks is from the movie "The Outsiders".  Actually, it's "Stay gold, Pony Boy".  In refence to the Robert Frost poem.  Johnny reads it to Pony Boy before he dies.  Stay innocent, stay pure, Stay Gold, Pony Boy.....

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