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11/28/2011 12:26 PM

Another Monday filled with Gameballs and Jockstraps....some good, some not.  Rough loss for the Hogs, Gameball to another 10 win season, though.  A big Gameball to the UCA Bears and their playoff win Saturday against Tennessee Tech.  They'll travel to Montana next Saturday for their next battle.

Thanks to Clint Stoerner for the Monday Morning QB segment.  Not much to talk about on the field, clearly LSU beat down the Hogs.  The talk of the day was whether or not Les Miles intentionally tried to run up the score on the Hogs.  Petrino was shown cussing out Miles from the sideline.  We don't know why, Petrino never said why, but we spent and hour and a hlf debating whether or not A. Les Miles actually did run up the score and B. If Petrino had the right to be pissed.  I don't care and we won't know exactly what happened until Petrino says what set him off.

 Looks a little like Jason Garrett

Thanks to Ron Logan and NYPD Pizza for sponsoring this segment, great deals and great food located on HWY 10 on Little Rock.

Come out to Grumpy's Too tonight for MNF.  Saints v Giants.  We're getting out there at 7 pm for the 2011 Rock-Paper-ScizzOff!  Greatest competition in the world!

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