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11/30/2011 1:16 PM

And let the debate roll on.....for almost an hour we debated, listened and read about what would be best for the Razorbacks and their fans.  Obviously, playing in the Cotton Bowl would be a lot less expensive trip but newsflash, the Capital One Bowl, who has the first choice of which non-BCS teams it want, apparently doesn't care as much as you'd think about how far fans must travel.  Sure, it makes sense to you and me, Dallas is closer, they'll be more fans buying more seats so easily that's the logical choice and on the other side, possibly Hog fans won't travel in as many numbers as Georgia or South Carolina fans would, so why wouldn't the Cap One want one of the other teams?  Well, there's only one explanation.  The Cap One Bowl will make their choice on 2 teams they feel they will make the most money off of, and Arkansas could be that choice and just maybe it doesn't have as much to do with all those ticket sales as we might think.

  Not a coincidence one logo is bigger than the other.

Thanks to Chris Bahn from for joining us in The Zone.  We talked bowl games and bball.  Check out Chris' work on the site daily for up to the minute sports stories from around the state.

Chris Bahn

Special guest and Heisman trophy winner Gino Torretta called into The Zone to talk college football with us.  He's working the radio broadcast for the OK ST and OK game this weekend.  Check out what he has to say about Les Miles and why Alabama doesn't deserve another shot at LSU even thought they will.

Gino Torretta

You can listen to the Razorback Bball tonight with pre-game starting at 6:30 on The Buzz as they take on Mississippi Valley St at 7 pm


Daniel (12/2/2011 8:01 AM)

Personally, I think that traditions are overrated. If you look at last year's Capital One game, it was Alabama, who beat Arkansas, and Michigan State, who almost won the Big 10. It was a big game with two big teams. Arkansas lucked out and played against a superior Big 10 foe in the Sugar Bowl, but couldn't handle their business. Alabama won, Arkansas didn't.

This year, we've got the opportunity to play in a bowl game that featured two big schools last year, whereas the Cotton Bowl featured LSU and Texas A&M, both teams we beat in 2010. The Cotton Bowl, as it is right now under this bowl system, is inferior to the Capital One Bowl. Arkansas needs to play in the bowl that is considered on a national level the superior bowl if Arkansas is to ever shed the idea that it's trying to relive glory days in the SWC or that it is only a sufficient opponent in traditional rivalry games. Money shouldn't be the issue, but it, along with prestige, accounts for more

Kelly Verble - Hot Springs (12/12/2011 7:42 PM)

Will there be an announcement for the best Cotton Bowl Parties for Thursday night and Friday before game ?? Enjoyed you guys last year at the Sugar Bowl doing your show at our Hotel.

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