The Zone


12/5/2011 1:08 PM

Well, it's all set, Hogs to the Cotton Bowl against Kansas St and LSU v Alabama in the Nat Champ.  Not a huge surprise, I do think if South Carolina didn't finish in the top ten in the final BCS rankings then the Hogs shold have went to the Cap One Bowl.  I realize the Cotton is a great bowl but I judt don't think a matchup with Kansas St is exciting nationally at all.  Greater national influence playing in the Cap One against Nebraska.

No doubt it will be another epic trip to Dallas.

Gameballs: Tiger Woods, BJ Young, Everet High School for another Mass state title.

Jockstraps: Many will be given out to Jason Garrett for icing his own kicker, c'mon Ginger, help yourself out.

We had a surprise visit from our good buddy Reggie Swinton.  Reggie dished on what he thought about Tebow and the Cowboys.  Make sure you follow him on twitter also.

Tonight we're back at Grumpy's for one of the last chances to qualify for the fimals tournament of Rock Paper Scissors so come early and sign up.  We'll have 25 cent wings and 9 dollar buckets.

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