The Zone


12/7/2011 12:39 PM

New Offensive Coordinator Paul Petrino made his debut in The Zone!  He was as milky smooth and very positive.  We talked how good cop bad cop and what to expect from Kansas St.

He and Bobby will be devastating back together again patroling that Hog sideline.

Thanks to Tamar Anatai from MTV for calling in and giving us our entertainment haps for the week.

Tamar Anitai

Always make sure to tune in for our good buddy Chris Bahn from  His daily updates keep us informed on what's happening in all sports from across the state.

 Looking good buddy

Also, check the Buzz audio gallery for Headband's new Rapcast!!!


Bobby T (12/7/2011 1:53 PM)

Who are the top three leading canidates for the Defensive Coordinator position at the U of A...with the rumors flying, who do feel will get the job?

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