The Zone


12/8/2011 1:17 PM

I had a lot of people asking what the Buzz plans wil be for the Cotton Bowl this year and I can finally report it's officially gonnabe on at the Hilton Anatole!  Call over there at 800-955-4281 ASAP.  Mention Arkansas Fan Block.  We'll be doing shows live from the Antaole and Friday's show will be at Sherlock's, which is just a hop and a skip from Cowboys Stadium.  Pre-bowl party and post-bowl party all at Sherlock's with The Buzz.

Thanks to Brent Crow from  Our weekly sage is on fire with his college bball picks this year.  Make sure to check out his site for the some of the best info you can find.


Jim Harris of www.ArkansasSports360 fame joined us for his weekly appearance in The Zone.  We chatted the new defensive coord coaching position at Arkansas and what may happen to the BCS in the next few years.

Big thanks to Spence Watson from Sync Weekly magazine.  He always gives us the haps for central Arkansas and the fun for the weekend.

Join the Buzz at Dugan's tonight for a chance to participate in Christmas Karaoke!  First 25 to enter tonight will be judged to win a a spot in this year's contest on Dec. 17.  Coem down and enjoy a pint!

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