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12/12/2011 1:28 PM

Along with giving out our Gameballs and Jockstraps there were a number of record that fell this past weekend.  Whether it was Aaron Rodgers punking and passing past another one of Brett Favre's records or the Cowboys finding yet another way to lose a game, we had it all over the weekend.

 Hey Brett, tell me how my @$$ tastes

Gameballs: PA football for winning the state title in dominating fashion, they broke too many records to count.  How about Strong's Kenneth Dixon who broke the state's single season rushing record.  Robert Griffin III, first Heisman winner from Baylor and a class act.


Jockstraps: Cowboys crumble, 3rd time they've lost after beong up by 12+ points in the 4th quarter this season.  They've only done that twice in their history.  Ryan Braun, talk about bad timing, off the heels of th NL MVP, he gets pinched for testing positive for PED's.  How is crackly voice Tim Kurkjian gonna explain that one away.  And of course, Xavier-Cinci bball game.  Very immature and stupid to get in a fight over some smack talk.  Lose and win with dignity.

UALR Trojans take on Oral Roberts tonight at the Jack 7 pm!

Grumpy's and MNF also tonight for last chance to win a spot in the Rock-Paper-ScizzOff of 2011!!!!

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