The Zone

Vote for best sports movie ever...and Jamar Love

7/6/2009 1:44 PM

Thanks to Kara from ZaZa's for bringing lunch today.  Good stuff.  Since Pat is in Boston all week, Joe and Justin got to eat as much as they wanted.  Awesome.  We also voted on movies in our 64-film bracket for best sports movie ever.  All of the #1 seeds and with the exception of Tin Cup, all of the #2's are alive as well.  We have to finish out establishing our Sweet 16 tomorrow since we got sidetracked for all the right reasons.  Former NLR Charging Wildcat and Arkansas Razorback Jamar Love called in to pump the Brian Davis Football Camp (July 18-19 at Pulaski Academy) and to talk about being a New England Patriot.  Tomorrow we will finish the Sweet 16 field and move 8 movies on to the Elite 8.  Tune in and get ready to vote Tuesday in The Zone!

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