The Zone


12/19/2011 11:28 AM

This is one of those videos that gets funnier every time you watch it.  First, no one gets seriously hurt so you can laugh as hard as you want as many times as you want.  Best part of video is when one of the guys that gets run over ends up driving the cart from the passenger seat and then bails out into a roll out of the cart.  Best move ever.  Enjoy

Another successful Christmas Celebrity Karaoke from the weekend.  Jason Pederson won it all again with his rendition of JUst The Two of us as he was dressed as Santa and his little buddy Sweet N Low was dressed as one of his elves.  Lauren Clark took 2nd place home with her solo perfromance and Acri and Roger Scott came in 3rd for their version of Brokeback Mountain cowboy lovers.

 Choir Boys didn't have a prayer this year

Gameballs go like this:

Country Music Star Justin Moore from Poyen for spending Saturday night with us and singing at Karaoke. 

Kansas City Chiefs for making the Packers 0 go away.


The aformentioned runaway cart on the football field and Chris Paul for thinking he will win a title with the Clippers!

Join me tonight at Grumpy's for the finals of the 2011 Rock-Paper-Scizz-Off!!!  Winner gets $103.70

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