The Zone


1/3/2012 11:47 AM

The band is all back together again!  It's been since last year we've been together....feels way too long.  In our preparation for Dallas this week we have been discussing and debating all the college bowl games.  With this bowl season comes criticism of the kickers.  Kicker critique is common in The Zone but last night's kicking debacle set a new high.  Georgia and Mark Richt, c'mon bro, what is wrong with you.  You play to win the game....not to lose a yard and kick a 40 yard field goal.  And the poor Stanfoed kicker peed on himself and then missed 2 field goals to win the game.

On the bright side of things we had Al Roker on the show to promote his new show "Coast Guard Alaska".  Al talked about global warming and sports.


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