The Zone


1/5/2012 6:27 PM

After getting an up close and personal look at the Dallas nightlife we were up and at 'em early.  Actually last night most of us went to the Mavs - Suns game last night.  Kim K was there as expected but I wasn't able to drop one of the many one liners the listeners sent pver before the game.  I appreciate the help, though.

This was her and Chloe last night.  Nice getup indeed...

Ok, enough of that, let's get back to The Zone business, which we had a fantastic day ourselves.

We started off with Sportscenter anchor and host of ABC's Wipeout John Anderson.  New "Winter Wipeout" starts tonight.  We alsp talked with join about what he thought about his alma mater, Missouri, joining the SEC.  Funny guy and quotable.

Oh, but it didn't end there my friends.  Arkansas AD Jeff Long stopped by our makeshift studio in the lobby of the Hilton Anatole to talk a little shop.  Obviosly we tried to get as much info from him on finalizing next season's football schedule.  He dropped some knowledge on us so take a listen.

Most days in The Zone that would be a full show, but not here, not for Cotton Bowl week.  We saw a few Kansas St. fans walking throught he lobby so we threw out our obligatory insults and asked one of them to come over and represent Kansas St. on the show.  And, boy were we in for a surprise.  It turned out to be Jerry Moran, United States Senator from Kansas.  He's as smooth as a Joe Johnson crossover.  Lotta fun and tolerated us for awhile.  You'll enjoy this exchange.

To finish off the show former Razorback and NFL defensive back Kenoy Kennedy hung out with us on the show.  We talked about his biggest hits and why the title of his book will be called "Looking out his earhole"!!!  Great guy and family man.  We had a blast with him.

Come join us tomorrow as we're broadcasting live from Sherlock's Pub in Arlington just 1 mile from Cowboy's Stadium.  Pre and post game party will be there also so get oiled up with us before and then come back for the victory celebration!


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