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1/11/2012 12:10 AM

Is was another great college football season.  Still as many question marks as there was when the season began, just a little bit different.  Who's declaring for the draft, who are the Hogs playing in the Southwest Classic at Jerry's House, will the defense be better.  Well the defense question is always there.

Hogs dominated Kansas St in the Cotton Bowl 29-16 and left little doubt they're a legit top 10 BCS team.  Hopefully top 5 going into next season.  Knile Davis return will help.

BCS national Championship game was a surprise, even a disappointment.  Bama suffocated LSU 21-zip.  Even though Bama was favored in the game no one saw that whooping coming.  They dominated every facet of the game.  You name it, they did it.

Our old schooler from around the block Jim Harris called into The Zone to give us his breakdown of the weekend's games and the Hog Bball team.  You can read his work daily at

We saw our good buddy Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe for his Average Guy Movie Review of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".  He gave it 4.25 bananas.  That's a bunch of bananas for that dude.

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