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1/23/2012 12:42 PM

Nice wins over the weekend for the Hogs, Pats and Giants.  Despite Tom Brady not playing anywhere near his best, the Patriots defense stepped up and made big plays when they needed too.

 My man wants some sweet revenge against the Giants.

Hogs were able to finish offa good Michigan team Saturday in from of almost 20,000 in Fayetteville.  They used a ferocious opening 10 minutes to put Michigan in a 20 point hole.  Credit the Wolverines for not crumbling and battling to the last shot, which went in and out.

Thanks to John Frankel from HBO Real Sports for joining us and talk about the story he did on PA's Kevin Kelley.  Coach Kelley has the most unique approach to football than anyone in the country and you can't argue with his reults.  Listn to what JOhn has to say about the Little Rock football.

Jon Frankel

How about this Steven Tyler national anthem from the Patriots_Ravens game?  Was it bad or just what you'd expect from him.  I'm glad he just stayed alive to the end of the song. 

 The man is beautiful

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