The Zone


1/24/2012 1:24 PM

Fast and furious day in The Zone.  We hit on it all, the upcoming Oscars, former LSU coach Dale Brown and some young whipper snapper wrestlers from the Arkansas School for The Blind.

Breann Heldman from gave us her thoughts on this years Oscar nominations.  Is it George Clooney's year or Bradv Pitts?  Will a silent movie win an Oscar for Best Picture?  Listen to what she's says about those and more.

Breanne Heldman

We were very fortunate to welcome in former LSU Coach Dale Brown into The Zone.  Coach Brown's new book "The 4 Hurdles of Life" which you can find at  Coach was a breath of fresh air to listen to, even though he wasn't too happy with me and what we did to his Tigers at the end of his career.  He gave us great advice and can't wait to get him back in the air to talk more hoops.

Dale Brown

We had a special treat today that we look forward to every year.  2 highschool wrestlers from the Arkansas School for The Blind dropped by with our good friend William Harrison.  AJ Johnson and "Monster" Ray Foster.  They're having their annual homecoming wrsetling tourney this weekend and could use all your support.

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