The Zone


1/30/2012 1:05 PM

We were back in studio today after a great couple days on the road last week at Landers CDJ in Benton and the Big Buck Classic.  We all droppped in on the Big Buck to try some chili and I purchased an item that will change my life....sunglasses with a video camera built right in to them.

 Don't slip up in front of me because I'll have it all on tape my friend.

Gameballs from over the weekend:

Djokovic over Nadal.  Longest Aussie Open finals match in history.

Both Tiger and Phil back in golf's top 20.  I like it when both these guys are healthy and playing well.

Of course, my video camer sunglasses.


Hogs lose a winnable game at Bama.  I know they probably played their best road game of the season but like an ugly win, you get zero credit for a nice loss.  Gotta take advantages of prime opportunities to secure a postseason bid of some kind.

Thanks to special guest Jennifer Christman, who writes for the Dem Gaz, and Brian Cia.  They dropped in for a visit for Brian's bday to give us a hard time which is always appreciated.

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