The Zone


2/1/2012 1:53 PM

It's almost over!  Signing day I mean.  It's been full of ups and downs...we lost DGB but still signed plenty of quality guys to compete for a national championship.

Great win by the Hogs last night over Vandy.  Another top 25 team drops in Fayetteville.  It's true they play better at home but there is improvement each game with this team.  For the first time in awhile they outrebounded an SEC opponent.  Yes, they shot well but that has been the achilles heel for this team.  They got loose balls and challenged Vandy in the paint.

 The crowd is alive again

Big thanks to Ryan Brown from at the Promenade at Chenal in Little Rock off Chenal Pkwy.  The new family members of The Zone just put in the new Golden Tee 2012 and tv's.  Everey game all day with top 10 wings in the country according to USA Today.  They have it all from Bison burgers to strawberry salads.  $5 buckets and 16 beers on tap.

Also, thanks to Jim Harris and Chris Bahn from for calling in and helping us make sense of all this recruiting news.  Check out their daily posts and keep yourself updated.

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