The Zone


2/6/2012 1:05 PM

Giants are SuperBowl champs once again, good for them.  They made the throws, catches and tackles when the game was on the line.  Patriots had their opportunities and didn't capitalize, Giants did.  We all knew it was gonna come down to the final possession, great game all around.  Everyone can relax with their "you can't spell elite without Eli" crap.  He's a great quarterback, we know, I give him credit but with that being said, it doesn't wipe away TB12's 3 SuperBowl rings, 2 SB MVP's and 3 regular season MVP's.  So relax.

Gameball to Madonna for her halftime show.  She moved better than any other 53 yr old i can remember.  Yes, she lip synced it all the way through but I ain't at mad at her, it was entertaining.

Other than MIA acting like a fool and flipping off the camera, Madonna didn't go too far over the top.  Except for sitting on the heads of every guy on stage.

Hogs took another one on the chin against LSU on the road.  They won't be able to win a road game committing 19 turnovers.  Even though they were called for at least 4 offensive fouls, which are then counted as turnovers, they need to value the ball and their possessions more.  Especially on the road.

Gameball to UALR men and women for both getting wins over the weekend.  Both are in first place in the Sun Belt West.

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