The Zone


2/7/2012 9:55 PM

Can you believe some guy bet on the first score in the SuperBowl to be a safety at 50-1 odds.  AND, he put a grand on it!  For you non rocket scientists that's 50 grand.  AND, the dude's donating the money to charity!!!  One of which is Tom Brady's.  Nice rub, bro.  My donations, obviously, always go to the Human Fund.  More about this guy, though.  He's some kind of a real estate guru that only plays one SuperBowl bet each year.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Acri's going to Vegas in March if anyone's interested.

Here's another thing that rubs me the wrong way.  While Eli Manning was being interviewed in Disney World and making out with Minnie Mouse because apparently he won the MVP, Roberto Gronkowski and Matt Light were dancing shirtless onstage with LMFAO!  Gross and disrespectful, and that's just for being onstage with LMFAO!

My Favorite video from the SuperBowl has to be Gisele dissing the Patriots' wide receivers for reasons you might not think.  Check out Vince Wilfork's wife acting like she's working security for Gisele and would pick up and destroy anyone in her path.  She's basically the Wilfork of the football wives.  Built just like Vince.  Guess which one is married to Brady and which is married to Wilfork.

Thanks to Jim Harris from for joining us in The Zone for his weekly segment.  Jim dropped his vast knowledge on us about the weekend's All Star Classic football game and his thoughts on Hogs' bball on the road.  Check out the site for daily columns on all the haps on Arkansas sports.