The Zone


2/11/2012 12:29 AM

This might have been the best day ever in The Zone.  I know from experience all I can do is mess with greatness by trying to blog away and explain each fantastic interview.  So to spare you the reading I'll let the stars do the talking.

First up on this Hall of Fame lineup is newly minted NFL Hall of Famer Willie Roaf from Pine Bluff.  He chatted about buying a house with Jerome Bettis, his father's travel schedule and how he would change the Pro Bowl.

Next up is Arkansas native Sarah Colonna.  She just released her book "Life as I blow it".  She talked to us about working with Chelsea Handler, call the hogs in LA and some waiter from Cafe Sante Fe.

Not to be outdone is Jeff "Money" Taylor and his Oaklawn picks.  Ye, I know I posted them earlier but here's the audio.

And the best of them all, Coach Nolan Richardson.  Coach talked about the 40 Minutes of Hell doc that's airing on ESPNU Saturday night.  And like many of Coach's interviews we pretty much covered the bases on everything from his strategy to recruiting, what he thinks of this year's team and how the SEC should schedule games.

That should give you plenty to chew on until we're back at it for Gameballs and Jockstraps on Monday morning.

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