The Zone


2/14/2012 10:37 PM

Happy Valentine's Day folks.  Many of our listeners refer to it as VD but we take a much more personal approach to this day.

  And let's start with LINSANITY!!!!!

Is he for real???  Stay tuned...

Thanks to my man Jim Harris from for dropping his weekly knowledge on us and the world.  The veteran scribe gave us his thoughts on the hoop Hogs and can they win on the road.  Check out the site for his daily Arkansas sports updates.

Big Jim working that notebook.

Our Average Guy Movie Review for this week came from Tropical Smoothie Cafe's Jordan Bone.  He did the dirty work and went to see "Safe House".  What did he come back with?  He said it was predictable but worth seeing.  Denzel's in it so I'm sure it is.  He gave it 4 bananas.


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