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2/16/2012 11:40 PM

I love Thursdays.  A day away from the weekend and everyone's mood is changing for the better.  We started the show off with UALR Bball Coach Steve Shields.  Always good to see Coach, one of the hardest working and most gracious in the biz.  Can't help but want great things for this guy. They're having a great season and he just got engaged.  Clearly that's the difference and since it's bringing him so much luck I wonder if he'll just try to stay engaged for the rest of his career.  If you haven't seen the Trojans this year make a point to head over to the Jack Stephens Center.

LinSanity continues!!!!

Well, the Hogs were blasted on the road again last night at Tennessee.  Why you ask.....can't they win on the road but rattle off 17 straight in Bud Walton Arena?  How about I just get to my 3Pointers:

1. Road Recipe Results - 10 assists to 19 turnovers compared to Tenn's 19 assists to 14 turnovers, shot 42% FG compared to Tenn's 56%.  Bright spot was they outrebounded Tenn  31 - 30 and only giving up 7 offensive boards.

2. Slow start.  They haven't been able to get off recently on the road.  Consider this from last night's game.  At the 17:37 minute mark the game was tied 6-6 but by the 13:31 mark it was 23-6.  If they can find a way to stay within a few buckets going into the half I like our chances of eventually wearing out most opponents.

3. PATIENCE - thanks to one of our callers Robert for reminding us all.  For this team to be in the middle of the SEC at this point in the season is remarkable.  Coach Anderson is coach of the year.  Because of injury and transfers he had to play a walk-on, a football player, 2 freshmen and a sophomore at times.  I'm not making excuses for raod losses I'm celebrating the fact of this OVERACHIEVING team.

Guns N' Roses said it best folks.....Patience

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