The Zone


2/29/2012 12:21 AM

The show started in the most unlkeliest places for The Zone....a Danica Patrick slap fight between me and Acri.  There was some great fireballs at the Daytona 500 but our biggest controversey came from Danica's dislike with a sexy question.  I'm on her side and Justin disagrees, of course.

Yes, please

Thanks to our buddy Jim Harris from for joining us in The Zone to spit that Arkansas sports knowledge.  We talked Hog baseball and hoops.  Check the site for daily updates.

The man working his sources

Great to have new Arkansas St. defensive coordinator John Thompson on today.  He's a great friend of The Zone who has been in the game longer than you can count.  Here's the talk about him settling in and what he thinks of Gus Malzahn.

My highlight of the day was our buddy Greg Rudkin from EVOLVE.  They have a new location on Cantrell and they have the absolute best deals in town.  Fashion and style is their game but helping you in the best outfit seperates them from the rest!

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