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3/20/2012 1:21 PM

How can we make sense of all the Madness in this year's tourney.  Most of our Gameballs and Jockstraps from over the weekend came from the tourney.  Our man, Justin, is off to another spring break week bash somewhere on the sandy beach and crystal clear waters of Branson.  That's his hideaway, his getaway and we're happy for him.

For the rest of us left to slave back in the studio, we've had fun watching Elena Delle Donne, the Delaware hoops sensation at the Jack Stephens Center for the NCAA Women's tourney.  They took down the UALR Trojans Sunday night but she's fun to watch.  The lady Larry Bird, fortunately she doesn't look like him.


Thanks to Phil Elson and Blake Eddins for dropping by the Zone studios the past couple days to help piece things together here.

Phil kicking in the Trave gear

Thanks to Jim Harris from for joining us.  We rapped about Hog baseball and the NCAA Tourney.  Check out the daily updates on his site for news all across Arkansas.

The Razorback women's team took a tough loss to defending National Champ Texas A&M in the 2nd round of the ladies tourney.  Coach Collen vs Coach Blair, 2 very good friends and familiar foes.  Hogs were one bucket short of advancing to the Sweet 16.

Thanks to Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe for his Average Guy Movie Review of "21 Jumpstreet".  He gave it 2 bananas.  Yeah, he didn't like it much.  Looks bad just watching the previews.  Jus another halfhearted humor attempt from Hollywood.

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