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3/22/2012 4:07 PM

The last place anyone would expect to see me and Freaky Joe in tuxedos is at the Bridal Cottage in NLR.  But, in fact, that's exactly where we were.  Lindy Blackstone Lanford had the re-Grand Opening of her new business venture.

Thanks to First Security Bank for bringing the Teal Grill and cooking hot dogs and hamburgers.  Tropical Smoothie cafe was there cooling off all the folks and lots of friends dropped by to see how Lindy's running the show.  You can check it out online at

We started the show off with some afterthoughts of this Bounty-Gate situation in the NFL.  Former NFL player Reggie Swinton came on with us and talked about how there was a bounty on his head when he was in the league.  We'll have his interview posted shortly.  Clin Stoerner is in tomorrow to talk more NFL news.

Sweet 16 tonight boys and girls.  Who ya got?  Wisconsin v Syracuse.  Hope it the Cuse.  Louisville v Michigan St.  Hope it's Cardinal tonight.  Cincinnati v Ohio St.  Pulling for the Bearcats.  Florida v Marquette.  Gotta go with the SEC.

What's up Commish???

Tune into the Zone tomorrow from 10 am - 1 pm as we put the finishing touches on this week.  Thanks for listening!


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