The Zone


3/26/2012 1:46 PM

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was a fantastic NCAA March Madness weekend with more people getting seperated from the top spot inn their brackets.  The other big story from over the weekend was Tiger Tiger Woods y'all winning again on the PGA Tour.  Just in time for the Master's.  He looks confident and his game looks good.

 That's right, Tiger, keep em quiet.

Here's what the Final Four looks like:

 This will be everyone's favorite matchup.  Pitino going against his old team.  In state rivalry.  Two paisons going at it.


Hog baseball turning a triple play over the weekend


Wayyyyyy too many timeouts during the NCAA tourney games.  Kills the flow of playing and watching.

Thanks to Krazy Mike for dropping by the show with somw fantastic food.

Tomorrow Jermain Bad Intentions taylor will be in studio with his Hall of Fame trainer Pat Burns.  Get caught up on everything that's going on with him. at 11:30 am.

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