The Zone


4/12/2012 12:30 PM

We're hanging out at the Doublebees Exxon on the corner of Cantrell Rd and Riverfront Dr and get your fuel reward cards.  Thanks to Chris for hosting us.

Thanks to Bob Holt, sports reporter from the Arkansas Dem Gazette, for joining us in The Zone to talk possible replacements for the head job at Arkansas.  He brought up Tim Horton as a viable interim coach.

Here's Jeff Money Taylor's picks for today:

1st race #6 Laura Babe

2nd race #6 It Doesn't Add Up

8th race #5 Omi's Vindication

9th race #4 Remit

7th race #4 Salty Strike

Special thanks to Shea Stewart from Sync Weekly for breaking all the weekend news.

Tomorrow we're live from Sportclips on University in LR, stop by for an MVP haircut

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