The Zone


5/3/2012 1:24 PM

Today we had one of the most glorious interviews ever in the Zone. Marvin Drager, author of "The Most Glorious Crown: The Story of America's Triple Crown from Sir Barton to Affirmed, made a triumphant appearance in The Zone.  Anytime someone can drop in a Perry Como reference and 1919 Sir Barton horse then it is indeed glorious my friends.

Marvin Drager

Thanks to Reggie Swinton and Bob Bomar for stopping by to talk about their fundrasing efforts for the Central High football team.  Hit Reggie up on twitter for more info on how to help.

Great Website of the Week today  Have you ever craved food from a restaurant and wanted it delivered but were outta luck cuz they don't deliver!!!!  Well now you're in luck because has a list of restaurants for you to choose from that they'll pick up the food for you!  Check out the site, order and it's that easy.

Kudos the She from Sync Weekly for coming by the studio and giving us the haps on what's going on around town this weekend and this week's issue.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYNC WEEKLY!!!!  YOU'RE 5!  Now start acting like it..... Celebrate with Sync at the Peabody hotel roof party Friday at 9 pm with Veejay Deejay.

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