The Zone


5/8/2012 11:42 PM

We talked a little Quantum Leap today to kick off the show.  I saw an old episode last night that was tearjerker!  Had no idea Quantum Leap could tug at the heartstrings like that.  It was the one Sam goes back to his 16 year old self to try and win the big highschool basketball game for everyone.

I miss these 2 weirdos

Thanks to Coach Scott Norwood from UALR baseball for calling in and talking the game against UCA tonight.  The funny man is always a Zone favorite.

Scott Norwood

My highlight of the day was when UALR Asst Bball coach Chris Lowry admitted he spent 2 yrs at band camp playing the trumpet!

Acri admitted the only camp he went to was BOWLING camp!  Seriously!!!

Also big Jim Harris from called in and talked a lot of golf.  The Player's Championship is this weekend.  Check out the site for his daily sports updates.

Thanks to Chris Kramolis from Tropical Smoothie Cafe for his Average Guy Movie Review of "The Avengers"!  He gave it 4 bananas!

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