The Zone


5/9/2012 11:43 PM

Thanks to the lovely and talented Christina Lecuyer for hanging out in The Zone.  The Big Break golfing star can talk more than golf and she showed us once again of her talents.

Chris Bahn from joined us to talk Hog baseball and Bobby Petrino's Harley Davidson. Chris Bahn

Apparently, it's for sale.  Make a bid!  For more info visit the website and follow Chris's instructions very very carefully.  Helmet not included...

Our local hot dog slinger Hot Dog Mike is making headlines again with his world record setting $1,501 hot dog!!!!  All the money's going to charity.  Here's the info to help out, it's all going down this Friday in the Rivermarket!

Our small but strong MTV Buzzworthy Blog buddy, Tamar Anatai, joined us again to talk John Travolta, Mike Jackson and some changes.  Here's ya link...

Tamar Anitai

The Zone is back at full strength tomorrow live from Roberson's Jewelry....come hang out with the crew!

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