The Zone


5/16/2012 8:55 PM

Felt good to be back in the studio today, nice to go out but better to come home.

Congrats to the Arkansas baseball team for the 10th inning victory at Dickey Stephens park in North Little Rock.  The Hogs needed the win to build some momentum heading into this crucial part of the season's end.

Of course we talked the LBJ, Dwade and the Miami Indiani series.  Did LBJ choke?undefined

Is DWade not the finisher he used to be?undefined

Or is Eric Spoelstra not ready to coach for this moment?


Thanks to Dick Jerardi from the Philadelphia Daily News for calling into The Zone to break down the upcoming Preakness for us.  The man's been covering the Triple Crown since 1986 so when he speaks, we listen.

Dick Jerardi

And here it is ladies and have waited 2 loooong weeks, well wait no more!  Headband's new rapcast!  Headband's Homecourt Advantage

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