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At the be fair

9/9/2009 1:53 PM

What happened today is a sad step in our "I gotta tell it (or get it) now and screw the consquences" world we live in today.  I understand the need for immediacy in today's society to get the word out and when it comes to national security that is a good thing.  When it comes to releasing information regarding alleged sexual assault by athletes, it might be better to hold off until something is confirmed, or I don't know,  someone is ACTUALLY CHARGED!  If you know what I am talking about good.  If not, even better.  The bottom line is, journalists live by standards and ethics.  Most of the time they meet them.  In this case it is a grey area whether they were met.  I would like to see the old rule about charges first, reports by media second adhered to in all cases.    There are even more important ethics that have to be met by those in the legal community and commenting on an ongoing or just getting started investiagtion should ALWAYS be a no-no even if it irritates the public and the members of the media.  A lot of embarrassment and annoyance could have been avoided.

More importantly we were at the fair today and had a BLAST.  This year's big release on the menu will be the Elvis Sandwich.  Peanut butter, jelly and banana between bread, dipped in batter and then deep fried.  Uhm, YES PLEASE!  Also, steak on a stick.  Ribeye never tasted so good.  Best idea since soap on a rope at the Varner Unit.  I'm just saying.  The fair (link for more details) runs Oct 9-18 so come on out. 

Anyway-tune in Thursday for more on The Hogs, The Bears, The Red Wolves and Lions...and all of the goings on in sports and entertainment.  In the Zone, on the Buzz!

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