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6/4/2012 1:24 PM

Lot going on this weekend and tons of Gameballs to be given out, not as many Jockstraps.  Here goes:

Gameball  Razorback Baseball team went onto win the Houston regional over the weekend and find out tonight where the super regional will be.  HOgs will face either Baylor or Dallas Baptist and hopefully it will be in Fayetteville.

Gameball  Tiger won the Memorial and tied Jack in the process with 73 career PGA wins.  Is he back?  Not sure what that even means but he's looking better every time he wins another tourney.

Jockstrap  Jim Nantz can't speak about Tiger for more than 3 sentences without referring to his "2009 crash".  Enough already Jim, I realize you continue to remind us how immoral Tiger is so maybe we'll forhet how you did your wife, now you ex-wife wrong with your new tight girl.

GAMEBALL!!!  Stacy Lewis won again on the LPGA.  This time it was the Shoprite Classic in New Jersey.  The former Hog has been lighting up the tour since she left the Hill.

Gameballs   Thunder and Celtics did what they had to do in both East and West finals.  Win at home to even the series.  Now it's the best out of 3 in both conferences.  Home court has still held but each series has gotten a little more respect than before.

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