The Zone


6/7/2012 11:25 PM

We've discussed some strange things in The Zone but today was taken to new heights.  Cock fighting .  As far as I could tell the strange twist came when we had Gary Andrew Poole on the show.  Let's blame it on him.

Gary is a boxing writer and gave us his breakdown of Pacquiao-Bradley this weekend.  During the conversation he brought up that Manny once owned a cock fighting rings where he had 2,000 cocks.  They all fought.  He doesn't have it anymore.

From Gary we were entertained for quite awhile by former ASU Bball Coach Nelson Catalina.  Coach Cat cracked a few jokes and talked about this weekend's charity bball game I agreed to play in for some crazy reason.

We reconnected with Philly Daily News writer Dick Gerardi who broke down this weekend's Belmont Stakes.  Listen to who he gave his nod to and if he really wants a Triple Crown Champ.

Dick Jerardi

Also, thanks to Shea from Sync Weekly for stopping by, even though we didn't win any of their reader choice awards.  Dare I suggest they need smarter readers?

Tomorrow we're live at Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge at 109 Main st. in Little Rock to have ourselves a Mad Med lunch!  Cigars and Martini's!!!

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