The Zone


6/18/2012 12:43 PM

Yet another great weekend for sports fans.  Big Gameball to the Hogs' baseball team for the victory over Kent St in their first game in the College World Series.

 Hogs play South Carolina tonight at 8 pm.

Our buddy Trey Schaap has been on the ground in Omaha and gave us the whole breakdown. 

Gameball to Wes McNulty for winning his 5th ASGA title at Pleasant Valley over the weekend. The 43 yr old told us how he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

More Gameballs to the Miami Heat.  It's over......The Thunder will not win 3 out of 4.  2 games left in Miami and 2 left in OKC.  The Heat defense has been stifling.

Gameball to Webb Simpson for winning the US Open.  He probably had the best quote of the year for the Birdman tried to disrupt his victory interview.  Here's the video...

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