The Zone


6/28/2012 12:05 AM

Where back with a little thing we like to call Would You Rather does this one grab ya.  Spend time with these guys


Thanks to long time friend and Memphis Grizzlies asst. Coach Dave Joerger for joining us in The Zone.  Coach Joerger dropped that NBA knowledge on us about the upcoming draft, facing Chris Paul in the playoffs and his thoughts on one and dones.

Dave Joerger

You can thank me later but here's another APP of The Week for ya, it's called "Around Me".  Yep, you guessed it, it will find everything and anything you're looking for around you.  Gas, atm, banks, bars, lost dogs, women, lots of women.  Ok, no lost dogs or women but you can try.

And this was still the discussion today

but we now support this undefined

The details are still being worked out but rest assured college prez's will still be rackiing up this

Nothin changed sept the name on back a tha jerseys

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