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Manic Monday

7/2/2012 2:56 PM

No Pat, no problem!  Chris Kane of KATV in for PB and it was busy INDEED.  We talked about Tiger's win and the people with ties to Arkansas who made it to the Olympics including Wallace Spearmon who was the fastest American at the trials in Oregon.  He finished in 19.82 and here's a link to a story about his win.  He of course has some bad Olympic memories to erase after a misstep cost him in 2008.


In other news...Janeba Tarmoh WON'T run after finishing in a dead heat with Allyson Felix.  I mean that goes against everything the Olympics is about.  Why would you NOT compete for a chance to be on the 100 team.  Even if you think you can't win, why not run?  If this is what you do for a living and you are supposed to love competition and you say...nah...I'm good.  WHAT???  WHAT???  I promise you if it was between me and some radio dude as to who can do the best three hours of yammering ever, I may lose, but at least I am gonna TRY!  I mean from the time you are a little kid your whole deal is do the best you can and you can be proud of that.  Not...I think I might lose so screw it, I am cool not trying.  Three words...puh thet ick.  Oh, make it four words. Lame.  Five...BOO!

Also thanks to Phil Elson

for coming on to hang and talk some baseball.  The Travs have a few guys who have gone on to the bigs and are playing in the All-Star Game next week.  Also Phil has his own new little All-Star  at the Elson house.  Congrats to Phil and Julie!

And while Pat is away in the greater Beantown area...we can only venture guesses as to what he's doing. 


Asking guys..."how you like them apples" over and over:


      Auditioning for Magic Mike 2:





Whatever it is...I sure as heck hope he's careful though if he heads to the cape.  Not sure if you heard but there are giant fish in them thar waters. your larger than average backside! 

 chatham sharks.jpg

More importantly we killed a few minutes talking about what it would sound like if things went bad for Pat in the water at the Cape.

Tuesday tune in as we broadcast live from Fireworks World!!!  Snap, crackle and pop indeed! 

It's all Tuesday in The Zone...and we get a visit from our pal Roger Scott.  He and I are CLOSE friends.  We used to date though.  Eat your heart out Anderson Cooper!

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