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What a Wednesday

7/11/2012 2:22 PM

 Man we had a busy day today in The Zone.  

Better USA Hoops team the Dream Team

or the current USA team?

Kobe Bryant had the audacity to suggest that the current team could win and initially I thought he had bumped his head or started doing drugs, but the more I think about it I am pretty convinced it would be a hell of a game.  Who's gonna guard Jordan?  Good question indeed.  But who on that team can seriously guard Lebron or Durant?  Good luck to John Stockton (although tough as a $2 steak) on stopping Westbrook off the dribble.  Dream Team maybe yes.  But close I think.

Someday U of A verbal recruit Bobby Portis may be on a dream team, but for now he is going to camps and competing with the best prep players in the world.  Great kid who's getting a lot of attention, but GREAT NEWS FOR HOG FANS...he's still firmly committed to playing on The Hill.

Tamar Anitai was on for a while 

She's the white chick on the right if you can't tell.  We talked entertainment news, Kate Upton's appeal and Tamar played our reindeer games regarding songs with women's names in the title.  Thanks Tamar!

Kate is dating Justin Verlander of the Tigers by the way.  He sucked in the All-Star game Tuesday, but he said (and I believe him) he doesn't care.  Now we know why.

We also narrowed our list of songs in our women's names in a song title bracket down to 64 so tomorrow IT IS ON!


Freaky Clips of the YEAR so far, and ESPY recap and another chance to win the coolest cooler ever from Budweiser.  Talk to you manana.


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