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Wrapping up the week

7/14/2012 6:32 AM

We wrapped up the week by talking about two main topics, the Freeh Report on Penn St. and the USA basketball team which smashed the Dominicans on Thursday night 113-59.  They play again on Monday against Brazil.  A debate sparked by a debate also ate up a lot of the show as Kobe Bryant argued in the media

with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley over who would win between the current team and the '92 Dream Team.  It would be a great game I think.  Scotty Pippen said the '92 team would win by 25!  I love the Pride of Hamburg, but come on Pip! 

No chance.  By the way, when a fan comes up to say hello and thanks for the memories, you may want to give em 10 seconds or so. 

Joe was fantastic in working through the Freaky Clips of the Year so far.  You can check them all out here.

We also continued the enormous task of working through the "Best Song with a Woman's Name in the Title" bracket.  #1 seeds Billie Jean and Layla have advanced.  Other notables to move on-Darling Nikki, Mary Jane's Last Dance, and Oh Sherrie (puke). 

Some matchups for next week:


The Police's Roxanne vs. New Edition's Candy Girl

Neil Diamond TWO songs in action

#1 Sweet Caroline vs. #16 Jane Says by Jane's Addiction


#5 Cracklin' Rosie vs. #12 Sara Smile by Hall and Oates

We will get down to at least the Final Four by the end of the week.  Or so I hope as I pass the "bracket baton" to PB who will be back on Tuesday while I head out for a much-deserved break.  OK, maybe not deserved, but I am taking one anyway!!

Have a great weekend Zone Zanies!!!!




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